As a regional leader in the complex field of energy and regulatory law, Lathrop Gage represents several major players in the coal, oil and gas industries in exploration and production activities. We have a wealth of experience representing and advising working-interest owners, operators and mineral producers in all aspects of their business, including land use, leases and sales contracts, regulation, environmental issues and litigation.

Our bench of experienced attorneys routinely:

  • Assist clients with the complex issues surrounding the allocation and mining of natural resources.
  • Represent exploration and operating companies in the acquisition, permitting, development and operation of coal, uranium, hardrock mineral and oil and gas projects on private, state, federal and Native American lands. 
  • Represent individuals, developers and mineral exploration and development companies in acquisition of easements and rights-of way including railroad spur lines, as well as access across other easements and rights-of way owned by utilities, railroads, government entities and other developers. 
  • Supervise environmental audits and contested landfill and hazardous waste projects.
  • Assist clients with the acquisition and development of oil and gas reserves. 
  • Provide acquisition and operational legal counsel with regard to numerous producing basins in the United States including the federal income tax implications associated with such transactions.

Among our areas of experience:

  • Acquisitions. Lathrop Gage recently represented a client in a $78 million transaction involving the acquisition of oil and gas leases. We coordinated communication among our client, an out-of-state broker and the internal legal team to complete due diligence and close on schedule. We also advised an exploration company in its divestiture of $500 million in property on a Native American reservation in North Dakota.
  • Litigation. Recent engagements include the successful representation of an exploration and production company in dispute with a coal-bed methane well service provider. In another matter, we obtained summary judgment for an oil and gas company in a border dispute regarding well access issues.
  • Title Opinions. We draft complex acquisition, drilling and division order title opinions in Texas, North Dakota, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Oklahoma and Utah.
  • Administrative and Regulatory Proceedings. Lathrop Gage recently represented a client before a state commission in a dispute against another operator for the rights to operate a well; the matter settled on favorable terms.