Commitment to Value

Our mission for every client: to achieve the best possible bottom-line result at the earliest possible date.

Lathrop Gage partners with clients and delivers the highest quality of legal services in an effective and efficient manner. We engage in a number of initiatives that demonstrate our commitment to providing true value:

Alternative Fee Arrangements. We have developed various fee arrangements as alternatives to standard hourly billing: 

  • Budget: At the outset of the matter, attorneys consult with the client to determine a budget and bill against it through completion.
  • Component Fixed Fee: In certain types of litigation that occur on a regular basis, a total fixed fee may not be feasible, but for certain components (depositions, motions, et cetera) a set amount can be predetermined.
  • Blended Rates: All work, whether performed by an associate, of counsel or partner, is billed at a flat rate that reflects a blend of the team’s rates.
  • Discounting and Success Fee: Work is performed at a discounted hourly rate, with a success bonus negotiated and defined at the start of the matter.
  • Retainer: For a fixed monthly amount, Lathrop Gage will provide general counsel services, which may include attendance at management meetings, telephone consultation and select project work.

Client Feedback Interviews. We understand the importance of cultivating lasting relationships with our clients. In fact, we actively request performance reviews from our clients through in-depth interviews. These discussions include assessments of our performance and results; communication and responsiveness; legal fees, budgets and billing; and technology.

We share this feedback with the relationship attorney and the firm’s CEO, and we provide assistance to each client team to complete any recommended actions. Additionally, the CEO periodically shares the composite firm rankings with all Lathrop Gage attorneys and paralegals so that all firm timekeepers are held accountable for client satisfaction.

Technology. Our firm continually invests in the latest technology to expedite information between client-attorney teams, saving clients a significant amount of money. Our clients appreciate the fact that all of our offices utilize the latest in videoconferencing equipment, reducing the need for costly travel. And equally important, we have an internal team capable of handling the production of electronically stored information (ESI), saving our clients from the cost of third-party vendors.

Value Challenge. Lathrop Gage is a proud supporter of the Association of Corporate Counsel’s Value Challenge, a program that aims to connect corporate clients and law firms toward aligned business interests and the delivery of legal services at a demonstrable value.

Lathrop Gage embraces the “Meet.Talk.Act.” priority of the Value Challenge, and has participated in ACC roundtables in a variety of our markets. Moreover, our 4th annual State of Litigation conference was devoted solely to this topic; about 60 inside counsel, corporate executives and Lathrop Gage partners brainstormed possible innovations and solutions on topics affecting the legal industry.