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Blockchain, artificial intelligence and other technological advances in FinTech are the next precedent-setting technology disruptors of our time. These distributed and immutable digital platforms of transactions and records have the potential to revolutionize countless industries over the next decade. Companies seeking to employ or exploit blockchain or fintech technology require sophisticated legal counsel like Lathrop Gage, with proven experience in the myriad legal issues arising from application of these complex and evolving technologies.

Drawing upon years of experience in cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, intellectual property, complex business transactions, data privacy and related fields, our multi-disciplinary team of InfoTech attorneys at Lathrop Gage helps clients identify and realize the potential benefits of blockchain in alignment with their ultimate business objectives.

Regardless of the legal issue—be it pursuing financing and investment opportunities like those associated with an Initial Coin Offering; registering, protecting, or enforcing blockchain-related patents; executing simple agreements for future equity; mitigating the data security, money laundering, and privacy risks unique to blockchain; prosecuting legal action relating to lost or stolen cryptocurrencies; or defending litigation relating to securities fraud allegations—our attorneys partner with our clients to find practical, proactive solutions. We provide support to a wide variety of clients, including entrepreneurs, investors, emerging innovators, data processors, manufacturers, and retailers. We help them thoughtfully plan for, and adapt and react to, the evolving legal and business issues arising from blockchain technology.

Our ranks include not only experienced practitioners, but industry thought leaders, frequent speakers, and authors on emerging and transformative technologies. As a nationwide full-service law firm, we draw upon the experience of attorneys from a wide host of legal disciplines to ensure our clients are well-supported and well-advised in all aspects of their business.


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