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Our Story

The legal landscape for agribusiness is ever-shifting. What may be lauded as innovation one year may be attacked in litigation the next.  This is complicated by an ever-changing domestic and international political environment embellished with new rules, regulations and public safety concerns around every bend in the road.  As a result, there's always a new issue — and with it, a potential opportunity and risk.

In the face of it all, agribusiness in the United States keeps moving forward. It has to. The world’s food supply is at stake.

Lathrop Gage is grounded in agribusiness, dating back to one of our founders in the 19th century. Our agribusiness industry group is made up of attorneys that grew up and are still actively involved in production agriculture. That means we know the ground to cover, speak the language and share perspective on the importance of agriculture. Our clients cover the full spectrum of agribusiness — from farm to fork. Because of this, we work tirelessly to protect our client’s freedom to operate and to seize opportunities necessary for growth.

Our Experience

Lathrop Gage combines industry perspective with in-depth experience, representing a wide variety of clients in the farming and other agribusiness-related areas. We also pride ourselves on staying on top of the issues that impact the industry most by attending and speaking at key industry conferences, and by keeping up with the ever-changing state and federal legislative environments.

Specifically for our agribusiness clients, we serve as general counsel and provide legal assistance in a variety of key areas:

Environmental, Health and Safety Regulation and Compliance

All aspects of agriculture are under on-going and every-increasing scrutiny from local, state and national regulatory agencies, and none are more important and far-reaching than environmental, health and safety. Our practice in this area covers the entire country and runs the gamut from fertilizer plants to CAFOs to water issues throughout the production chain. Our attorneys have the experience and common sense to quickly identify issues, outline options and work toward solutions either with or against the regulatory bodies involved.


In our experience, the best way to avoid litigation is to always be prepared to litigate. Our attorneys are trained in the courtroom, but know that avenue may not always be the most efficient or effective way of resolving disputes. Our philosophy is to have in place, in advance, efficient and cohesive trial teams that are dedicated to understanding our clients and the industry involved well before a dispute arises or a lawsuit is filed. This approach has helped us build a cadre of long-term clients with whom the Firm has continued to evolve and grow along with the agriculture marketplace. The end result is we know our clients and they know they can rely on us to help them not just survive ligation, but gain from it.


Optimizing your structure, policies and procedures can streamline business operations, allowing you to manage risk. Lathrop Gage has extensive experience in governance, as well as finance, mergers and acquisitions. We advise and guide clients through the complete spectrum of corporate matters including capital structuring and financing, loan structuring and documentation, investment optimization, compliance risk assessments, and due diligence investigations. The firm’s corporate agribusiness experience ranges from representation of Fortune 500 agriculture-focused companies to not-for-profit agriculture groups to start-ups focused on agriculture innovation.

In addition to these areas, Lathrop Gage advises clients on:


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