Civil Rights Insurance Recovery

Lathrop Gage leads the nation in securing insurance proceeds to compensate those who have been wrongfully convicted. Our Civil Rights Insurance Recovery Practice represents exonerees in §1983 civil rights lawsuits brought against the public entities responsible for their wrongful incarcerations. 

Our team knows that insurance recovery is most often the key to helping the wrongfully imprisoned to vindicate their civil and constitutional rights. We partner with the nation’s leading civil rights law firms to aggressively pursue settlements under liability policies insuring public entities. Since our first success in 2004, we have helped litigate numerous wrongful conviction cases, recovering over $150 million for wrongfully convicted individuals and their families.

Lathrop Gage’s expertise in insurance recovery law allows our firm to recover insurance proceeds in civil rights cases where other law firms have failed. Our team members use their decades of knowledge and experience representing corporations against recalcitrant insurance companies to achieve exceptional results for these newly exonerated individuals and their loved ones.

See a summary of our work and results below; links go to news coverage:

Larry Ruffin, Bobby Ray Dixon and Phillip Bivens
$16.5 million recovered, with potential for $4 million additional

Betty Anne Waters, on behalf of her brother, Kenny Waters
$7.525 million

Dennis Maher
$3.1 million

The “Englewood Four”
Currently representing; $36.616 million and counting

Jeff Deskovic
$41 million, in multiple settlements
New York state

Eleanor Reasonover
$7.5 million

Eric Sarsfield
$2 million

Eddie Lowery
$7.5 million

James Alan Gell
$3.9 million
North Carolina

Marty Tankleff
$3.375 million
New York

Floyd Brown
$7.85 million
North Carolina

David Boyce
$2 million


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