Traditional Labor

Lathrop Gage routinely represents large national and international employers in matters involving alleged unfair labor practices and other traditional labor matters. We also represent employers in matters involving federal and state labor laws, union campaigns and elections, grievance and arbitration proceedings, collective bargaining negotiations, strikes and union contract interpretations whether in court, administrative proceedings or alternative dispute procedures.

Representative Experience:

  • Assisting clients with union contract negotiations, either behind-the-scenes strategy or acting as spokesperson at bargaining table, in several states. Unions involved in these negotiations include the Teamsters, Sheet Metal Workers, Steelworkers, Service Employees, American Guild of Musical Artists and others.
  • Represent employers in grievance arbitration hearings on issues ranging from individual discipline/termination cases through contract interpretation issues which broadly impact the employer’s method of operation. A recent example: successfully defended the employer’s right to assign work on a production line to a lower-paid classification of worker, despite past practice of using a higher-paid classification, thus allowing the company to reduce production cost for one of its core products.
  • Advised and represented employers in NLRB unfair labor practice investigations and hearings in several states.
  • Assisted non-union transportation company in taking over business from unionized carriers, including addressing picketing by the displaced union workers, in multiple states.