Lathrop Gage has a strong tradition of advising educational institutions. We offer a complete array of legal services, ranging from serving as general counsel who regularly attend board meetings and advise on the day-to-day operations of the institution, to serving as its defense attorneys for specific litigation matters, to overseeing collegiate licensing programs and assisting research universities with technology transfer.

We regularly represent more than a dozen universities, colleges, school districts and educational foundations. As a result, we have experience in the various specifics related to education law — critical issues our clients deal with day in and day out. Among them:

  • Faculty hiring, compensation, evaluation, discipline and termination
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and issues related to confidentiality and access to student records
  • Union negotiations
  • Student issues such as special education and disability
  • Grievances, arbitration, mediation, due process and all administrative hearing proceedings and appeals of these hearings
  • First Amendment issues, including free speech, prayer and association, and access issues

Our practical experience, combined with active memberships in professional organizations such as the National Association of College and University Attorneys, enables us to remain on the cutting edge of developments in education law. Additionally, our members gain a greater understanding of the needs of education law clients through experience serving on the boards of many schools and colleges.