Wealth Strategies

Our Wealth Strategies practice, the largest in the region, has represented both sides in guardianships and conservatorships. We have represented and counseled fiduciaries on their investment responsibilities, and have performed a large volume of work with respect to trusts, grantors and trustees in different states.

Trusts and Estates

  • Closed the sale of a large block of stock within three days of a decedent’s death, and prior to a large extraordinary dividend, which resulted in little taxable gain to the estate, but, would have been ordinary income (taxed at a much higher rate) absent the sale.  The Internal Revenue Service did not challenge the transaction.
  • Retained by a judge in a protectorate country of the United States where the existing laws in the country were too undeveloped to provide guidance for many complex issues arising in the administration of a large and highly contested estate.  Our work created new precedent in the country and helped to develop the law in this area where none previously existed.


  • Assisted the owner of privately held holding company owning a publicly held subsidiary in restructuring the company to: (a) preserve owner’s voting control in a merger resulting in termination of a corporate freeze; (b) transfer large blocks of public shares to children without capital gain and with relatively minimal gift tax, and (c) virtually eliminate estate tax on the owner’s stock through use of a non-private charitable foundation whose friendly trustees can continue to control the company after the owner’s death while meeting the owner’s charitable objectives.
  • Implemented an Employee Stock Ownership Plan resulting in elimination of capital gain on a majority shareholder’s sales of stock to ESOP.