Non-Charitable Exempt Organizations

In addition to tax-exempt charitable organizations, we represent numerous non-charitable exempt organizations. These types of organizations include social welfare, trade and business associations, social clubs, and political organizations. We also represent several SB 40 Boards established under Missouri law whose purposes are similar to those of a tax-exempt charitable organization. 

  • Social welfare organizations – 501(c)(4)
  • Labor and agricultural organizations – 501(c)(5)
  • Business leagues and trade associations – 501(c)(6)
  • Social clubs – 501(c)(7)
  • Lodges and fraternal societies – 501(c)(8)
  • Voluntary employers beneficiary associations – 501(c)(9)
  • Political organizations – 527 
  • SB 40 Boards - Missouri
  • Insurance 501(c)(15)

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