Charitable and Other Exempt Organizations

We routinely handle the issues that impact charitable organizations, including corporate governance, charitable giving, government affairs, labor and employment, intellectual property and litigation. In addition, we provide industry-focused, strategic legal advice to our tax-exempt charitable organization clients. Our level of knowledge and depth of resources directly translates into cost-effective representation.

Lathrop Gage’s practice reflects the nearly infinite variety of tax-exempt charitable organizations, including:

  • Educational institutions
  • Hospitals and other health care organizations
  • Museums, theaters, music and other arts organizations
  • Private and private-operating foundations
  • Religious organizations
  • Various other charitable organizations

In addition to tax-exempt charitable organizations, we represent numerous non-charitable exempt organizations. These types of organizations include social welfare, trade and business associations, social clubs, and political organizations. We also represent several SB 40 Boards established under Missouri law whose purposes are similar to those of a tax-exempt charitable organization. 

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