For more than 100 years, a substantial part of Lathrop Gage’s practice has been in personal injury, product liability, intentional tort and negligence litigation. We have handled cases resulting in significant changes in tort law, including the adoption of the concept of comparative negligence in Missouri, and spearheaded significant changes in the Kansas comparative negligence law. Our attorneys are involved with prominent organizations such as the Trucking Industry Defense Association and the Product Liability Advisory Counsel.

For the past 35 years, Lathrop Gage has actively represented the trucking and freight industries in various types of actions. We represent several Midwestern-based freight companies and automobile haulers.  Our lawyers have significant experience handling freight claims, including damaged cargo claims, misdelivery of time-sensitive shipments and recovery of unpaid freight charges. 

Our attorneys are highly experienced at handling wrongful death claims. We regularly work with special experts to explain complex accident dynamics and other issues to juries that are typically predisposed against our clients.  We frequently work with in-house and outside technical experts and have substantial experience in fire, explosion and electrical claims.

Simply put, our lawyers have more than a century of experience representing large, corporate clients who are exposed to catastrophic damages before juries throughout the United States.  In the current economic and political climate, our experience is invaluable.  We are not afraid to try a case that has to be tried. We work within budgets and clearly understand how to maximize the benefits of legal expenses for the client.  Our central Midwest location and network of offices adjacent to large transportation corridors allow us to serve a very broad area economically.

Representative Experience:

  • Handled the combination of two trucking transportation businesses. The firm handled the capitalization of the new holding company, employment agreements and other arrangements among the two owners.
  • Coordinated suits in at least three states and both federal and state court on behalf of a Fortune 500 trucking and freight company regarding competitor’s suspected use of misappropriated data in violation of statute and non-disclosure covenants.
  • Handled 25 regulatory hearings for permits in Kansas and Oklahoma involving the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture and the Farm Service Agency for our client, an ocean transportation company.
  • Managed the trademark portfolio of a Fortune 50 transportation and delivery company. While representing this company, our attorneys were proactive in building equity in its brand, working with the company’s management to identify and promote its signature trademarks including color marks, and obtaining registrations for trademarks and trade dress in the United States and worldwide.
  • Handle the full range of employment matters for two prominent national trucking companies.