Diverse Professionals Network

The Diverse Professionals Network ("DPN") serves the professional and personal goals of its attorneys and other professionals, including underrepresented populations within the firm, as well as professionals who are members of groups that have been historically discriminated against for issues of color, race and/or ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc. All members are encouraged to actively connect, network, and engage with colleagues and other professionals, business leaders, law students, and others within the community to build and grow impactful business, cultural, and social relationships. The DPN achieves its objectives by building and fostering an environment where diverse cultures, backgrounds, and life experiences are shared and appreciated. The DPN emphasizes professional development, education, inclusiveness, and civility by: holding regular meetings; inviting speakers to discuss business development, innovations in the legal field, and important trends; coordinating an annual retreat for its members; encouraging members to attend national, regional, and local conferences; hosting an annual reception for attorneys and business professionals committed to diversity and inclusiveness; participating in pipeline and recruiting programs for diverse students; and other meaningful programs and events.